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Thursday, May 13, 2004
fun & games
For the last, oh, long while, I've been anti-fun and games links. Apparantly, there are people whose jobs are so dull, or require them to do so little, that they have the time to go find fun little links. They also have the time to e-mail these links to their friends. I would love to have that type of time on my hands. Although if I did, I'd probably be working on my Plone book, which currently sits at 68% completion. 68% ain't 100%.

Anyway, given the new trend in my life -- making an effort to enjoy things a bit more and actually make time for diversions -- I went all gangbusters last night when my buddy sent me some links. These are truly time-wasting links, as the user receives nothing in return -- except for relaxation. Really, these are like an online squeezy stress ball. For example, I was enthralled by Bubblewrap for a good 15 minutes. Then the links got a little more creative, and I played this little smacky game for a while. Good stuff.

This morning, I read a friend's blog...lo and behold, even more diversionary links. However, these fun and games links actually produced some output. First, there's this musicplasma thingamabob, which is essentially a graphical representation of related artists. Enter an artist, get a pretty picture back of similarly-themed artists. The closer or stronger the relationship, the the closer the proximity to the target artist, and so forth. This is not much different than what you get when you buy a CD at amazon (or other) and the "people who bought X also bought Y" (or similar), except that it's a purty picture. Just like the related links I get when I buy something, I disagreed with my musicplasma output for some artists. Primary example: like Indigo Girls, really do not like at all Melissa Etheridge. But the thing was right on for Patrick Park, and I did manage to break the thing in two tries because I know a lot of obscure artists. Put in Blue House and you get "Raffi", for example, because it matches the words but not in the correct context. The other cool diversionary link I gleaned was Mr Picassohead, providing the only canvas I could ever use to produce a decent piece of drawing.


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