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Sunday, November 07, 2004
in a surprising move for a coffee connoisseur...
I purchased a Melitta One:One Single Serve Coffee Machine. I was tired of crappy, leaky coffeemakers (and french presses that aren't insulated and thus run out of heat), and really tired of wasting coffee all the time. Sure, I could have bought a thermos, or an insulated french press, or even a really good coffeemaker that doesn't leak and isn't crappy, but....I didn't. It was the pattern of wasting coffee that bothered me more than anything, and it's my own damn fault for having inconsistent coffee-drinking habits—invariably I'd make too much, or I'd make too little and then in the second pot I'd make too much, and I really dislike microwaved old coffee.

So yesterday, when I went to Target to get a roasting pan, I saw the row of single-cup machines. I remembered on my last trip to Google that they had a (super, industrial-version, expensive) single-cup maker, and that the coffee didn't completely suck. I compared the various makers, and I went with the Melitta because (and this is a really stupid reason) the little coffee packs that you use are called "java pods" and I liked the packaging better than the generic Folgers type. It's all about marketing. I bought a box of java pods, and a box of tea pods (you can make tea, too), managed not to forget the roasting pan that was the reason for the trip, came home and made myself a cup of coffee.

It was so non-leaky and perfect that I thought I might cry (not really, but it was non-leaky and perfect). The coffee didn't suck, I didn't waste any, and I declare it a well-spent $50.


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