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Saturday, February 05, 2005
random things on a saturday
Where did the week go? Seriously.

This was the first full week of classes, and my schedule is Monday 3-545pm and 6-845pm, Tues 7-945pm, Wed 7-945pm, and an online class. This minimizes the time away from my job. I figured the front-loaded schedule would be a good thing—and I still think it will be—but I sure do have to get used to staying up later. The problem this week was that I couldn't manage to catch up from the chunk of the day that I missed on Monday, and a lot of my own students (after a week of little for me to do) came out of the woodwork and submitted things for me to grade. Yay! But also time consuming.

But I did get back on track at work, I did my grading and I participated meaningfully in the discussion The Good Soldier on Wed night. I also spent an inordinate about of time trying to drag groupmates in my online strategic management class into the world of responsible, decent students. I think I've given up already. Sad, so sad.

This weekend will include (not in this order):
- reading thirty or so pages for Negotiation & Conflict Resolution class
- reading a chapter for Business & Society class
- revamping a write-up about the company my group selected for study in Strategic Management class. I guess the one good thing about having lame people in my group is that I basically said "this is the company we're doing because I want to do it and no one else is talking let alone suggesting anything." We're doing Pixar. Hooray!
- reading Wieland for American Novel class (~280pp)
- reading the first 17 chapters of Women in Love for British/Irish Fiction class (~230pp)
- writing two more FAQ postings for my class
- writing an in-depth per-lesson exercise completion/passing criteria for my class.
- writing that damn "how to do expandable blog posts in Blogger" post for scrivener, which I've been promising for months. MONTHS. It had better be good, after all this time!

One very good thing about blogging under one's own name is that long-lost people know where to find you. Ok, so this is also potentially a very bad thing, but let's just go with the original statement about it being a good thing. Positive thinking, and all that.

The other week, when I wrote that post about myself and being a jerk [to which many of you commented that I wasn't a jerk and I am quite appreciative of that, thanks], I gave a shout-out via initials and locations to some people that I wronged in some way, saying that I was sorry for being a jerk, blah blah. These were people I hadn't spoken to in years, and couldn't easily find/didn't know if I should.

Anyway, one of those people read the post and e-mailed me—and that was a spectacular thing (it's actually my turn to write again, and that is definitely high on my list). This person was (is) one my absolute favorite people I've ever known. Totally overeducated [prestigious undergrad, prestigious law school, now at prestigious MBA institution], totally smart, funny, the whole nine yards. Great person, great family, blah blah blah. So now, after six years of not speaking, I have the pleasure of counting her among my buddies-who-don't-live-anywhere-near-me. I promise not to screw it up again.


In that meme that was going around a few days ago, stag asked "Of the places you've lived, which is your favorite?" I answered "DC" (although I lived in NoVA and commuted in, so technically I didn't live there) and said it was a tough decision, though. In order, these are the places I've lived for any length of time (meaning, more than a month): Lewistown PA (born), Staunton VA, Sherrills Ford NC, Lexington KY, La Quinta CA, Durham NC, San Jose CA, Richmond VA, Alexandria VA, San Jose CA (now)

The top three are definitely NoVa, Richmond and Durham. I loved living in NoVa, although I was only there for about eight months and I hated my job there. HATED. But I loved DC, loved the metro. It's my favorite public transportation system (that I've personally used), with the systems in Toronto and Boston next on the list. Yes, I like to rank things.

I think that when I move again, however many years from now that will be, I'll probably end up back in NoVa, if not DC proper. It was a good fit.


I have to go start on my list o' things to do now...including taking Reading Lolita in Tehran (read) and JS & MN (unread) back to the library.

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