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Thursday, February 24, 2005
snark on!
Very funny blog: Query Letters I Love, "Actual, honest to god query letters I've received in Hollywood. Updated frequently. And hey, if one of these is your query, have a sense of humor, will ya? You're gonna need it in this town."

The queries are a hoot, but the comments are even better. Like this query:
"A private detective takes on an unusual job with unusual circumstances."
which produced comments like:
I've been so afraid to try to break into screenwriting. I had no idea it was this easy.

"In the future, robots exist."

"Somewhere in backwoods Alabama, a tourist may or may not be lost."

"Against the backdrop of trendy Seattle, glib socialites date each other."
Even better, something like:
"A comedy about a kid who's so good at hide-and-seek that nobody finds him for 20 years."
followed up with:
"At the age of 8, in a stunning betrayal, young Richard MacTaggart was tagged by his best friend. He has been It for the past 35 years. Now, after decades of planning, he's finally ready to take his revenge."
"DAMMIT!! This effectively kills my "Statue" script...boy playing with friends gets "frozen" during a game of "Statue" and no one notices for twenty years. Had a real cute holiday scene, too. Oh well."
But then there's this one:
"A serial murderer is preying upon members of the Tucson archaeological community, claiming to be wreaking vengeance for crimes committed against Native American cultures. He uses ancient artifacts stolen from the Arizona State Museum as his murder weapons."
Dude...Pangs, and you forgot about the part where his penis got diseases from a Chumash tribe.

Anyway, it's a very funny blog and provides ample opportunity for snarky comments.


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