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Monday, February 28, 2005
today stinks
Actually, every Monday this semester will stink just because of school/scheduling stuff, but today is just extra stinky. I have a mid-term exam tonight, in Business & Society class, but that's one of the least stinky things about today. In no particular order:

* Possible paycheck snafu.

* Having to sit through an extremely boring class from 3-545pm instead of getting actual work done.

* Receiving such a shitty set of individual reponses to this week's seminar questions in the capstone biz course that I couldn't even edit them. Usually, I edit the individual responses line-by-line because they're just that bad, but these were just that bad as well as just flat-out factually inaccurate that I kicked them all back with comments. Thank god it's an online course because I fear I'd have punched them all in the face, they're so...less than stellar (not really, on the punching).

* My students are less than stellar. I have had some graduate from the course, and I currently have some really good students, but I have more not so good ones, who are in way over their heads. Since it's up to the student if they take the course or not, after reading the pre-reqs, I/student services can only say "I think you're in over your head and should consider another course" so many times—if they don't take the advice, the only one it ends up hurting is me, because it's more time that I spend, hand-holding. I'm having a conversation with the head guy tomorrow about some things. It's really sucking up way more of my time and energy than it should.

* I have to come up with a large chunk of money in the next two weeks, then again the next month, all the while still being much in debt, operating well into the red each month. Wait, that's not specific to today, so never mind.

Now, for all the shitty ways that my former pal Voldemort acted and the crappy stuff she pulled on me, she did manage to get me to at least start balancing bad with good on a daily basis (ironically enough), and to that end we have the good stuff:

* Paycheck snafu will be dealt with and is only annoying, not tragic.

* The class today is only three hours, once, then I don't have to think about it for another week.

* I still have two cats, and they've being very good right now (and throughout every day).

* My fish are still alive.

* My plant is still alive.

* I already did my reading for Wed night's class

* I have enough preliminary reading done to have a decent conversation with AmNovel prof tomorrow before class, about my paper

* On Friday, I get to see a pal whom I haven't seen for a bazillion years, which is cool even if it is just for lunch.

I think I'll just focus on the goodness of Friday's lunch, to get me through the week.


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