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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
"extra spam"
A phrase I never thought I'd utter in my lifetime, yet I did just that this morning. I'm completely in love with the Aloha Kitchen restaurant near my house. Not just near my house, but next door to my "home" Starbucks. It's my own little slice of heaven. Breakfast this morning: spam and eggs (comes with two scoops of rice, too) plus extra spam.

What is it with spam, that it tastes so darn good when cooked up at a Hawaiian restaurant, yet I'd never buy it in the store...and if I did buy it in the store, I'm sure I couldn't cook it up so it tasted the same. It's like making fried rice. I love fried rice, I get it all the time at the chinese restaurant down the block. But if I get all the fixings for it and try to make it at home, it just tastes like rice with some vegetables in it. I even cook it up in sesame oil, to no avail.

But it's just as well that these places have such a culinary hold on me—I'm all for supporting small, family-owned places with cheap and tasty food that I can't duplicate in my own kitchen. In other news, I discovered a Quickly close by my house. There's one next to school (actually, my school is bordered by a Quickly, a Tapioca Express, and the Hydration Cafe, all serving drinks of the same ilk; the school demographics are such that the Asian students are the largest group at 33.8%, which is just fine for me because I'd actually rather have drinks from any of these places than from Starbucks) but this one is closer and I'm not on campus in the summer.


Which, of course, has nothing to do with spam. But mmmmm....spam.


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