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Monday, June 20, 2005
technorati public beta and CHECK YOUR LINK
I just wrote this in a comment to Dan Gillmor's note about Technorati:
For users who have "claimed" blogs through the embedded code, that code now spits out a customizable graphical box with various Technorati links in it. Problem is, the size and appearance does not currently appear to be customizable, just the content within it. This has the potential to screw up one's blog template, so if you look at your blog and see some whacked-out floating DIVs, this could be the culprit...

However, in your profile you can choose not to show anything at all, which I believe keeps the embedded code but simply doesn't spit out a technorati logo/link. So, while it's still considered a claimed blog, there's no accompanying logo/link unless you roll your own. Here's to hoping they throw in a little height/width/border color customization into the profile form, once those pesky things like speed and accuracy are worked out.
If you don't want to use the generated code from Technorati, because it's too wide or whatever for the area in which you have placed it in your template, modify your profile so that the box does not display and you can just use this 125px-wide link and image if you want:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="technorati cosmos" width="125" height="23" border="0"/></a>

UPDATE: Looks like they reverted back to the default text link plus small graphic being generated, although you can (in your profile) select the boxed-links to be generated instead. Still can't customize the size/appearance of the generated box, if you go that route.


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