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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
tsu-what now?
Last night, I was flipping between Law & Order and CSI when the Emergency Alert System interrupted my tv-watching. That happens alot, usually around 4am when I have the TV turned to Nick at Night or TV Land, and then it's just the weekly "making sure it all still works" EAS test. Sometimes it comes on in the middle of the day, and when that happens it's typically for crappy reasons: an Amber Alert telling us that some dumb fuck has done something untoward with a kid.

So I looked up from my half-asleep-ness and saw that the EAS screen said "Tsunami Warning." I honestly thought someone flipped the wrong switch for the EAS display, so I turned the TV to KRON because I knew they had news at 9pm. If there really was a tsunami warning, I figured they'd cut to the news earlier than 9pm and I'd actually learn something. I found the end of the Dr. Phil show, so it obviously wasn't a big deal. They did lead the 9pm news with 7.0 quake off the coast, maybe there'll be a wave, but that quickly turned into "nah, no wave, no worries."

I looked at my cat, who was stretched out next to me and hogging my pillow, and asked him if he felt anything. He just kept hogging the pillow. The other cat, she never looked up from her spot on top of the aquarium. The shake map barely shows that people near the quake felt it, so I'll reserve judgment on my cats' earthquake-noticing skills...this time.

I don't dig earthquakes, and I've never even been in one that was terribly noticeable. I much prefer my natural disasters to be visible and/or predictable.


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