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Saturday, July 23, 2005
some geeky links
The folks at have a newsletter for students, and the upcoming newsletter will have little ole me in the "faculty focus" section. It's just to advertise my courses, which are part of the advanced web design certificate track and are two of the four courses required for the web coding certificate. Gah. Link much? Anyway, I had to come up with some links to resources that I particularly enjoy. You know how you know your favorite song right up until the moment someone asks you "hey, what's your favorite song?" and you forget everything you've ever known about music? Yeah. That's how I am when it comes to telling people what web sites I visit.

It also doesn't help matters that I'm not a "web designer" in the sense of colors and what not; my job as Technical Director of an interactive media company is to ensure that we are aware of current trends regarding the technical aspects of multimedia development, so we can best serve our clients when we put these technical aspects into play. Oh yeah, and I also make things go. No really, that's what it says on "the team" page of our web site. I make things go. Mary makes things pretty. Shona keeps everything in order and us in line.

But I digress. Here's the list of links I gave them, which reflects some (emphasis on "some") of my primary sources for relevant news and information regarding development techniques, issues, and trends. Some of you might be interested in some of these things.


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