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Saturday, August 27, 2005
movies are FUN!
Last Wednesday I went to see Nosferatu, and it was so so very cool because the fellow who played the Mighty Wurlitzer throughout the screening [and who does it at the 7:30 intermission during the normal double features at the theatre] is some famous silent-film-accompanist. The place was packed; they show this film for one-night-only every few years and I'll bet there were a good six or seven hundred people there. Mostly elderly folks, but a fair number of people in their 20s and 30s as well. I had the date circled on my calendar for a few weeks, because I was expecting to be through with this project we're doing at work and I figured it would be a nice treat before school starts on Monday. Well, we're not through with the project and school still starts on Monday, but that's another story.

I asked my co-worker (Kate, recently famous for her award-winning Wednesday Whine at Phantom Scribbler's place) to come with, and she had it circled on her calendar too, so we were both pretty stoked. I said of course to bring along her girlfriend, but it was unknown if she would come along because she'd have to miss out on watching So You Think You Can Dance. I think she regrests her decision to come with, because I didn't hear her laugh or participate in the snarky comments during the show, or exclaim "that was SO COOL!" like the rest of us afterwards. Oh well.

I found myself wanting to read the German before looking at the English subtitles...but I don't know German. I know enough to muddle through and say "someone did something to someone else" but I lack the important knowledge of nouns and verbs. I did learn that "spinnen" is the word for "spiders" which I think is very cool. I want to learn German, but unfortunately language classes at my school and all the local community colleges are four or five days per week (not the bad part) and almost always for several hours in the morning (the bad part—some of us have jobs!).

So, two thumbs up for Nosferatu with Dennis James at the helm of the Mighty Wurlitzer.


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