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Friday, August 05, 2005
update on the diet
It seems much longer than one week since I started this diet. I don't have a scale so I can't quantify my results (which is fine by me), but I do know that some weight has been lost. I'm good with that. I'm not dreadfully hungry throughout the day, nor do I want to chew my arm off at night—both good things.

I really, really feel for my buddies though, the ones on the South Beach diet. We had to go to a meeting yesterday and I said, "just eat a banana or something before we go"...forgeting that fruit is verboten on their diet. "Go suck on a sugar-free lifesaver that looks like all the life was sucked out of it" just doesn't have the same ring to it. Then again, they've lost like six pounds in four days or something crazy like that. I'll just be happy to lose two pounds a week for a few months. Or even one pound. Whatever makes my clothes fit better. Going to the gym will help, too, once I can get back to doing that.

One thing I realized about my diet is that I can eat 90% of the foods with a spoon. Breakfast cereal? Spoon. Cup of soup/noodles/beans and rice for lunch? Spoon. Dinner is something out of a tray and it's spoonable too, even if it's turkey breast or something. Fruit? Potentially spoonable if it's in a cup. Eggs and cheese and fruit-not-in-a-cup are all hand-held items so while not spoonable, they don't require utensils. The only thing that requires a non-spoon is salad. I really don't like salad all that much so I try to substitute fruit for it whenever possible. If it weren't for the damn salad, I wouldn't have to wash dishes or forks.

But alas. If that's my biggest complaint about the diet (and it is), I'm doing ok. I mean really, I get pasta. Sure, it's itty bitty reconstitued mini vesions of elbow macaroni or fettucine, but it's pasta just the same.


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