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Sunday, October 16, 2005
bookish updates
I should have PDFs of book chapters to review on the 24th. Typically the layout folks do a good job and I just take a day to review files and give them my blessing before they go to print. The only new Blogger things not included in the book are backlinks, and I'll write a topic about them once the book is out. That's how I'll tackle updates—when something in the book changes or something new is added to Blogger, I'll write a new topic for the book blog and link it from my site. The book is still scheduled to be available sometime in November, toward the end I imagine.

Last week I was supposed to revamp the TOC for one of my other books, because we're going to do a third edition soon. By "soon" I mean "I told them I could do it over winter break." The semester ends the 15th of December or thereabouts, and the spring semester doesn't start up til the very end of January, so that's a good time to do an update edition of a book. It's also (typically) a slow(er) time at work, and we are "closed" between Christmas and New Year's anyway, so all signs point to go. But in order to get the go-ahead to do a new edition during that timeframe, I have to get them the revamped TOC like...last week. I'll do it today; it's more a formality, a general idea of how much I'm going to change, rather than something written in stone. But hey, the extra money will be good as I continue my grand plan of being debt-free (except for the house, of course) in two years.


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