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Friday, October 14, 2005
BUY THIS CD: Tremolo - "Love is the Greatest Revenge"
I wanted my buddy to write this blog post, because she can do a much better job describing the various nuances of the music and blah blah blah, plus she's known the frontman for like ever. But alas, she's too busy to guest post (and since she's also my boss you might think "but hey, shouldn't you be too busy to post this?" and you would be right, but some things—like this CD—are so good that posting about it is more important than whatever else I should be doing for these ten minutes).

You must buy this CD. It is really, really, really good. Since I can't describe why it's good, I will only say that I like every single track on the CD. When was the last time that happened? Ok, so maybe that happens to you all the time but rarely do I come across a CD where I like every song. Heck, I often skip through CDs from even my most favorite artists, CDs I've owned for years and years. But not this one. Every song is good. Every song is solid.

To learn more about this wonderful group and to hear sound clips and what not, please visit:
- Tremolo web site
- iTunes

Also? They're good folks:
With the album "Love Is The Greatest Revenge" recently released on FLAGSHIP Recordings, [Justin Dillon] is putting 50% of all of the record royalties into a benevolence trust fund.

Yes, you read that right—50%.

Called the Love>Revenge Fund, through online voting, fans are able to decide where the trust fund money they contributed via their record purchase goes—be it cancer research, tsunami relief, AIDS hospice, anti-slavery operations, or the charity of their choice. Fans are also able to gain exposure for the causes that matter most to them on the site.

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