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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
is the perfect word to describe how I feel after the last 5 days ... "tired to the point of exhaustion". I would feel better about it, if I were exhausted by doing some sort of physical labor, "honest work", but no -- I am bleary from having sat on my derrière for several days in a row, 18-20 hours each day, working at my laptop. I even have a derrière donut, which I love, although it has sprung a leak and I fear I must purchase a new one. It's not that I can't afford the eight bucks, it's the shopping in the old person's aisle at the drugstore that gives me pause...sort of like when boys have to buy tampons for their others.

But alas, I wasn't working on my home improvement projects or planting a garden. Instead, I was doing gruntwork related to my job -- a tedious project that involved no creativity on my part. Not only was I locked into a time-consuming, exhaustive task for several days in a row, it was frustrating because it was gruntwork. It wasn't development, or re-development, or any of the things that give me a glimmer of positive thought about my was just gruntwork, and I hated it. But such are the things we must do for income. Come to think of it, I can't think of the last task we had in the inbox, that I actually enjoyed. Oh well.

Let's look for the gave me a chance to enjoy the sunrise each day, since I was awake when they showed up (and the shrubbery sprinklers in my complex turn on at 5am, which I found out since my sliding glass door was open and my cats were hanging out at the screen, until the sprinklers came on one morning and scared the heck out of us.). I also took this opportunity, subsequent to my earlier post about how I needed to get off my butt and rip some of my CDs to my laptop, to record CD after CD while I was working. I know have ALL of my Toad CDs, and EBtG CDs, and plenty others, easily accessible. I'll post more about the best CDs to listen to while working, after I finish some more work.


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