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Monday, June 28, 2004
this is going to be one of those days....
Mondays usually suck, but Mondays at the end of a quarter tend to suck more. Today is one such Monday. I have plenty of tasks sitting in my inbox, few of which I can actually do, because I managed to kick them back due to lack of info/lack of clarity/no lack of contradictions. Of course, they're all due today. While I've done the "clear" bits and pieces of them, I expect I'll get answers to the others in three or four hours, which seriously cuts into my "today" time. This is why I work on weekends, and get up at 4am to get a jump start on the day -- because my "day" is usually sucked away by stupid people who couldn't write a comprehensive and/or accurate request for their own task, to save their lives.

If we actually billed for the amount of time that our clients waste with us, we'd be rich. Technically we should, because the time spent fiddling with crap, while waiting for a question to be answered, is time we can't spend on doing something else. You wonder why so many companies lose money? Because they have crappy employees that can't manage their way out of a paper bag, who also pick agencies who charge them out the wazoo (e.g. "You want to have a meeting? Ok, we need to bring these six people with us." Because, of course, you can bill for meeting time x6. Unethical pieces of poo.)

It's not like there aren't good managers/workers out there -- there have to be. I've seen a few, in passing. It would be great if some of them realized that there's this nice little company over here that doesn't overcharge, will actually help you do your job, will complete tasks on time, and usually ends up saving you so much money and making you look so good, that you get a raise. I'd like one of those clients, please.

Ok, that was a little random.


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