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Thursday, July 01, 2004
i can't keep up
The bad thing about finding new blogs to read is have more blogs to read. This wouldn't be a problem if I read boring blogs (like this one), but no -- I had to go and find the blogs of smart, witty, creative people. Great. By the time I get a moment in my day to pop over and read something (it's like a little treat after actually finishing a task), I'm like four witty posts behind, and the comments are already filled with other people's witty retorts. Dang.

Mac at peksy'apostrophe (who wins the award for best tagline courtesy of a reader: "pesky'apostrophe: always better than an unexpected period") went all gangbusters yesterday. For example, I'm Edumacated, in which some of Kerry's proposed plans for education funding are discussed (with good comments from readers); the crux of the post is how much Mac (and a lot of us) "...want to have faith that a President genuinely wants to do the right thing for Americans instead of American business." Amen. Then, there is Speechless, which is a reaction to an "update" by the Family Research Council (yeah, whatEVER), following on the heels of a WSJ opinion piece that asserts the Democrats are losing elections because abortions are legal. No, really. Unbelievable. As one of Mac's readers' comments said, "someone needs to hit me really hard on the back of the get my eyes un-stuck from rolling them so hard about that one." Agreed.

So I got to thinking about the sheep/lemming mentality, and lo and behold Kate comes up with an outrage post simply titled "political emails" but could easily have been called "sheep! they're all sheep!", in which she tells of reaching the breaking point after receiving the gagillionth email from someone who is a Republican, along the lines of "Bush is great! Let's keep him in the White House!". [shuddering] Kate's not a Republican. Anyone who knows Kate at all (such as the person who put Kate on her "send to everyone I know" list), knows that. Kate, probably like a lot of us, is not anti-the-notion-of-Republicans; we're all entitled to our own political leanings and that's wonderful and is what makes our country great (I read that in a book or something) -- she's anti-dumbass (and that's not a party-specific trait).

Political, yet geeky (in a good way) -- pjm at flashes of panic points out a fricking hilarious (to me, at least) part of the Wired news story regarding a security/infrastructure review of the Kerry and Bush official campaign web sites. Says pjm, "The part I found most amusing, however, was the software roundup, which fits the liberal vs. conservative stereotypes pretty well: '[T]he Kerry site is housed on an Apache Web server running on a Red Hat Linux box. The Bush website is hosted on a Microsoft IIS 5.0 server and uses Microsoft's'" That's funny. (I realize a lot of you are going to just have to trust me on that. It's ok.)

But when I really need a good break, I head over to Tales from the "Liberry". Someone needs to sign this guy up to do a "collected works" edition. Seriously. I don't think you have to be from small-town nowheresville (in his case, West Virginia, or one of the only states besides maybe Mississippi at which we Pennsylvanians, which I am by birth, can poke fun) to visualize the people he's writing about, which are 100% real. His entry from a few days ago is a three-parter, describing a confrontation with a creepy pervert. Don't worry, good triumphed over evil.

On it goes, the list of things I wish I had time to write, but I am grateful that I at least had time to read!


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