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Saturday, August 07, 2004
I seem to have royalled fucked up my knee. This particular knee has been through a lot. Thirteen or so years ago, I blew it out...tore the ACL and surrounding goodies on one side of my knee. At one point, like a year later, I cracked the top of the kneecap. Lived with the once-cracked, thrashed knee for ten years. Met someone who convinced me that fixing it would be a good thing, because it already had accumulated its fair share of arthritis, and wouldn't I like to go running with her? (No. Never. Not even with a fixed knee. I hate to run. Elliptical trainer, bikes, not a problem. No running.) This particular person had a certain way of making me do whatever she wanted, so I said what the hell, insurance paid for it. So, a doctor replaced my ACL with some random dead person's tendon, and pinned it all in to place. The subsequent week was filled with extreme suckiness, since no pain medication works on me, and I was in a lot of pain. Got over it, been arthritis-free ever since, except that after about a year I think the new ACL got all stretched out and wasn't really working in the stability department. Fine, strong hamstrings and quads will compensate, and I'm not a runner anyway, so whatever.

A few days ago I started to have this really odd feeling in that knee. You know when you stretch out and all your joints pop/crack/whatever? My kneecap got stuck halfway through the stretch. I could either unstretch, or keep going. As I'm looking at the anatomy of the knee in my head, trying to remember where the pin went, I'm thinking that the unstretching would be the way to go. Eventually it all worked out, but I was sore for a little bit. Tonight, I can barely walk. I believe I have subluxed something important, involving the patella. I am not pleased, as it keeps moving up and down. I hate going to the doctor, but if it doesn't calm down in a few days, I'm going to get an MRI. Like I don't have enough crap to worry about. Argh.


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