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Sunday, August 08, 2004
I went to a movie all by myself
I saw I, Robot last night, which I previously said I was concerned about doing, thinking I wasn't going to "get" it. First, did anyone else cry like a baby and identify more with Sonny and the robots than anyone/thing else? Was it just me? Second, the filmmakers would have lost me early on, had the cat been smashed to bits with the rest of the house. Then again, if that happened, they wouldn't have had the opportunity to show that when faced with life and death situations, humans=good at it, robots=bad at it.

I haven't read a shred of Asimov (they're going to revoke my geek card, aren't they?), so when Slate (and others) mention how the movie is unlike what Asimov wrote, I have nothing to say about it. I will put this particular book on the reading list, though. If I, Robot (the book) is an argument against man's fear of machines, but the robots and humans win out in the end, while I, Robot (the movie) is about man's fear of machines and only man wins out in the end, then I want to know why that should be the case. Although, there sure is a built-in sequel to the movie version, wherein the robots discover their ability to evolve and Sonny leads them to nirvana, but I don't imagine any smash-em-ups in that sort of movie...

Oh, and how many visual/auditory Star Wars references did you all count? I mean really, there's giving a shout out, then there's just lifting the template of the Trade Federation Multi-Troop Transport and coloring it differently.


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