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Thursday, August 12, 2004
more on reading
I am on page 89 of Middlemarch (out of a whole lot more than 89). I've made minimal progress in the last week, but it's not the fault of the novel—we were really busy at work, and then I had eight chapters to review and submit for PMA AiO 2ed. At this point in the book, I am less bored and I don't despise it. Not saying I'm enjoying it, I just don't have the same desire to shove an icepick in my eyes lest I have to keep reading. This bodes well for the upcoming class.

I now have a healthy stack of books to read—I, Robot, Middlesex and Howards End were in yesterday's library haul. Middlesex has been on my "should get around to reading this" list for many months, and apparantly everyone else in San Jose had the same idea, because when I got around to putting my name on the reserve list at the library, I was number fifteen. Yesterday, it was finally my turn. I picked up I, Robot because, after seeing the movie, I wanted to see the differences between the two. The good news is that I can read the darn thing in an evening, so I'll be able to cross that off the list fairly soon. Then, Howards End, which I picked up purely because Mel said "I'm finding it horribly bitter and dyspeptic." I don't know if she meant the reading, or the fact that it's on the reading list, but either way, I read it a long time ago and didn't remember feelings of dyspepsia so I obviously missed something. :)

PS the new bag had its first outing yesterday, and it did quite well. It held my laptop, the three new library books mentioned above, my power adapter and network cable, several file folders, various pens/pencils, checkbook, calendar, wallet, calculator, wireless PCMCIA card, etc. There was still room to spare, and everything was adequately padded. Good for it!


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