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Saturday, August 14, 2004
so now I know how to get to Mavericks
Not that I surf, but it's pretty sad to live so close to Mavericks and not really know where it is. Yesterday, Kate had to go to Half Moon Bay to pick up a donated truck, so I provided the transportation to get her there. As a reward, we stopped at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company for food. What a find! Well, not that it's a secret or anything -- it was full, there was music, apparently it's quite a popular place. We soon found out why: damn good food. My beer was good, too. Kate's sucked, but that's because she chose poorly.

We had oysters, always a bonus. I love oysters. When I was hanging out with the Person Who Can't Be Named but had a lot of money and really good taste, oysters at dinner were plentiful. But since then, I haven't had anyone to eat oysters with. [Ok, it bears mentioning now that I re-read this: I really am talking about eating oysters, and I'm not being euphemistic in the least.] We also had these amazing beer-battered artichoke hearts. Man oh man, they were good. It was good batter (they're a brewery, after all) and the artichoke hearts really were the hearts, not some crappy chewy leafy artichoke part. We figured since it is California after all, and it was $8, our appetizer would be like 4 little breaded guys or something. Oh was a whole freaking plate full. Well worth it. Beyond worth it. For the main course, Kate had a good shrimp+spinach salad thing, and I had a tuna/apple/cheese melt. After all that, being very full with good food, we figured it was an $80 dinner. Rarely, in California, does one look at the check and go "is that all?" and check that the server got all the items on there, but she did and it was only $60 with tip! It's not often we get to go out and spend less than $40/each, around here. That was cool.

Oh yeah, Mavericks. At some point during dinner I pulled out the "map to Mavericks" that I grabbed on the way in. Turns out that if we had driven half a mile more up the road, we would have been there. Then I felt really stupid, but now I know! I really, really love the ocean. If I had the money, or if I eventually get money and I can afford to move, knowing that I can't really leave the area, I'd definitely try to live over on Highway 1 somewhere. Anywhere from Pacifica to Santa Cruz would be fine with me. The thing about the ocean, it's like nature's air conditioner. When it's 100 degrees on my side of the mountain, it's still only 75 or 80, with a breeze, over the hill. Wonderful...but out of my price range.


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