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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
update on groups and school
Apparently, this post was "scorching". I didn't even swear in it! I said "poop" for crying out loud! :) Stream of consciousness rant, sure, but scorching?

We haven't gotten our grades on anything, obviously, but here are some updates. Yes, it got worse. In my Org Design & Change class, the guy who had sent the "help!" message at 11:30pm (which I ignored) ALSO sent a message later in the night, which I got (because I get up at an insane hour and try to get some real work done before class). It was one of those "I had printer problems, can you print these?" messages because, of course, there's no computer lab in our building that's open in the mornings. Oh wait, there are five, and they are. Whatever. So I seized the opportunity to potentially edit (note that I did indeed leave hope for the content to be ok)...luckily. His stuff was crap, I fixed it and I printed them. He didn't even notice that I changed anything. When the prof was reminding us all about how he grades cases (there are a total of 9, he picks the best 5), my partner says "we only have to do one more!" to which I said "assuming we get good grades". He said, "but we turned them in," to which I said "and?"

You get the picture. I am assuming he is going to bail after one more case, and that's fine—the prof already said that we can write them on our own and get our own grade, so if he bails, I'm going that. Even if, by some stroke of luck, these cases are graded well, I'm not going to make the prof think I'm some sort of slacker—this fella is one of the few profs from whom I can get a rec letter!

In the Business Systems and Policy class, I continued to take the noticeably helpful route rather than bitchy editor route. The kids in my group—and they are just that—are not IT-inclined, they're never going to be, and they are trying. This class is a required class for all business students, and the people in my group happen to all be in the Accounting track. Not that there's anything wrong with Accounting at all, it's just these folks have no interest in IT and are struggling with the concepts. But the key is that they're trying. Even the guy who says "I just need to get a D" (which is true, but sad) he puts in the effort, it's just not quite right. So, with these folks I'm just going to help them, for as long as they continue to honestly try. I talked to the girl who was the team leader and made sure she didn't think I was some raving lunatic with a figurative red pen, and she didn't, she was grateful, so it's all good. Now, the case certainly could have been better, but that's something I'll only do when it's my turn to lead again—until then, I'll just fix what's there.

We got our tests back, the one that caused me fear and trepidation. I got a 141/150, which is an A, which was the highest grade in the class, which is just fine with me. The points I got wrong, they were all in the true/false section, which I already noted that I can't do—I swear, I can convince myself that anything is true or false.

I think my prof stopped actually reading my essay answers, the ones with the diagrams and other drawings in them. I don't blame him—apparently he was very generous with his points. In one question, we had to detail the steps in the database design process. I wrote the steps, in a little flow chart form, and described the actions and outcomes in/from each. You know, an essay answer. It was worth 10 points, I got 10 points. Turns out he gave 8 points for just listing the names of the steps. Geez, I worked way too hard. Sarcasm intended, because I wouldn't have put less down on my paper than I was capable of's just annoying.

But my boss was pleased to hear that her technical director (me) was technically inclined. Always a plus.


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