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Thursday, October 07, 2004
more on group work
In Org. Change & Design class, I've fired my entire group. Ok, not really. I did send them all a message saying "You're all fired" but I can't really fire them so it was sort of a joke...but I would fire them if I could. On Tuesday the 5th, each person was supposed to provide to me (writing/compiler person that I am) their answers to questions posed at the end of their assigned chapter. Each person had one chapter to work with, and we're talking at most a 250 word answer. On Monday, one fellow emailed me and said that he wouldn't get getting his response to me this week. That's fine; we wrote in our team contract that saying so ahead of time was ok, and not to be more than a week late. But the other four people didn't even reply. Two of them weren't in class on Tuesday. The other two looked at me like I was from Mars, when I mentioned it. So, now we're going to be a week off schedule, and most of these folks don't seem like the type to make up the time.

Also in that class, my case-writing partner and I have two cases due today. He was going to write the first half, and I was going to do the second half (like we've done before). I waited, and waited and waited....gave him until midnight...nothing. The class is at 7:30am. So, I got up around 2am, and now I'm writing the cases myself. No, his name will not be on them. Thankfully, the prof allows us to turn them in, written only by one person, if we have a slacker partner.

In my Bus. Systems & Policy class, we got our second cases handed back, and we managed one more point than before. They were all very happy and couldn't understand why, while I was pleased that we improved by one point, still stressed that we only got a 20/25 and that's a B-, and we need to do better.

Off to case-writing....

UPDATE My case-writing partner, all he said was "oh, sorry." Not "I'm sorry I didn't even call or email you to tell you I wasn't going to do my part," just "sorry." I told him he was fired, and meant it!


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