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Sunday, November 07, 2004
embracing my inner betty crocker
I made sugar cookies yesterday, from my grandmother's recipe (as relayed by my mother the day before). I was disappointed in the results, as they weren't very sugary, although I definitely used the amount of sugar called far (and then some). I neglected to ask my mother which grandmother was the owner of this recipe—the fundie christian mentally introverted grandmother, or the paranoid schizophrenic demented grandmother. The former is known more for waldorf salad and inedible food (but the best iced tea) while the latter is known for pasta and anything with large amounts of fat. Given the amount of buttermilk and crisco in the sugar cookie recipe, I think it belongs to the latter.

Later in the day, I was going to make a polenta stuffed roast pork loin. Yes, I realize I would be eating pork loin for two meals per day, for an entire week, but the recipe looked great and I like to cook. My mom had purchased a gift subscription of Cuisine at Home for me, and my first issue had arrived that day. It's a really good magazine, relatively new, but with very interesting recipes and articles. For instance, this issue had an article on the various types of sugars, and a multi-page spread on "The Basics of Bruleé." Good stuff.

I was making the sage/sausage/mascarpone polenta mixture that goes inside the pork loin, and the phone promptly rang. Yay! that I got to talk to the person who called, but we talked for so long that I didn't end up making the roast (not complaining, caller!). I made the polenta, though, and it is awesome. So awesome that this morning I went to the store and bought more polenta and more sausage, to make a different version for breakfast polenta. Boy is it good, and it's a good thing I like it because I'll be eating it for breakfast for the next five days!

My dinners are not nearly as pretty as profgrrrrl's, but they do involve multiple pots and pans so I'm proud of that.



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