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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
it's a bad start, boys
My boss calls me at 4:50am, because we forgot that we had a press release to post for a client at 5am. More of a problem for her, since she was the one jolted awake by her subconscious, client-oriented alarm bell, and I'm usually up anyway. I wasn't. I set my alarm for 3, so I could do a case write-up that was due at 7:30, squeeze some other work in, go to the gym, grab some diner food. At 3, I decided that 4 would be better. Either I slept through the alarm at 4, or it didn't go off, so either way the phone call was a good one. We got the thing done and I got my case done, but I didn't get other word done and didn't get to the gym. I also didn't stop for diner food. (When I stopped at the diner to get a cup of coffee on the way home after class, the owner said "did you oversleep? you weren't here today!" which is definitely a sign that I go there too often.)

Today was the day we were getting midterms back, in my 7:30 class. I felt good about it, because I answered all of the essays and didn't bullshit (50 m/c and 4 essays in an 80 minute class is pushing it, and some of my essays tend to be bullshitty when I run out of time). However, he didn't grade my essays. He started to, then couldn't do it. I have horrible handwriting, always have. I have the ability to write neatly, but only if I slow down my brain significantly and focus on the task at hand. So, that never happens. Also, my right arm is tendonitis-riddled and my hand is a wreck; holding a pencil long enough to bubble in a scantron is about my limit, so you can imagine how atrocious my bluebook essays can be. Anyway, he said to make an appointment so I could read my essays to him, so he could grade them. I thought that was very nice of him to do; it probably would have been the "right thing" to just give me credit for what he could actually read.

While we were going over the multiple choice answers, etc, I just transcribed my essays and e-mailed them to him. I'm a very fast typist. He thought that was a great idea, and hopefully now he can grade them and I'll have a decent grade. I was a good girl and didn't change a word, and in the three places where even I couldn't read the word, I wrote "xxxxx" and noted that I had no clue what I meant. Honesty is the best policy, at least with teachers and cops, as far as I'm concerned. I can only hope to cash in some karma points for grade points!

UPDATE Prof said to me, after receiving my emailed transcription, "why don't you plan on using your laptop for the third midterm?" (which is all essays). To which I said, "heck yeah!" Whoo.


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