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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
I have 'em. Well, I have one watchcat, one don't-give-a-crap cat and one I'll-be-under-the-covers cat. I had to get up for another "has to be done at 5am" thing today, and at about 5:15 a dog in the complex started barking. [Note: I live in a gated condo community in a crappy part of town, which is gated in name only because even I could jump the fence, and "condo community" should not be mistaken for anything more than "a bunch of 800sqft apartments built in the 80s".] Dogs don't tend to bark around here, and my cat really doesn't tend to growl unless there's something outside that he doesn't like. He growls maybe twice a month, when the UPS truck pulls up (don't ask me how he knows, or how he can differentiate between the UPS truck and the FedEx truck, he just can).

So it's 5:15am, my watchcat is growling, a dog is barking, the don't give a crap cat moved to the middle of the room, the under-the-covers cat ran under the covers, and I just sort of sat there. I turned the rest of the lights in the house on, and the TV, and made it look like there was hustle and bustle inside.

Of course I have no idea if anyone was out there wandering around the complex; no windows broke, no car alarms went off, it was just all very strange. I checked to see if we had a minor earthquake, but we didn't (and truth be told, my cats wouldn't know if an earthquake happened unless the ground opened up under them). It was just weird and freaky and I hate stuff like that.


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