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Friday, December 10, 2004
i did turn in a paper...
and it was absolute crap, and short...about five pages less than intended. Ok, so what I wrote wasn't crap, but as a paper, what with cohesiveness and examples being important, it was crap. I give myself a C. I wrote a little note that said, basically, "I'm not this lame and I didn't intend to write a crappy paper. I had also intended to use examples from X, Y and Z, and I failed because of my own lack of time management skills and general apprehension about writing this paper in particular. Not your problem, not my usual way of doing things, and I apologize for being a lousy student." Something to that effect, at least; something to make me feel better and convey the idea that I didn't write the crappy paper in an attempt to blow off the class or be disrespectful in some way. Yeah, I'm overly concerned with things like that.

The class itself was fun, as we all broght food and beer (No, beer is not allowed in the classroom, but rebels that we are, beer flowed.). Pizza and 7-layer-dip and these eggrolls the size of...well, like two eggrolls. They were freaky big. I brought the most insanely sweet candy things: peanut butter meltaway candy (which was very VERY easy to make) and these chocolate covered balls of cookie dough that you really could only eat one of before you went into some sort of sugar shock. Good times.

The prof spent some time showing slides from the Pre-Raphaelites, then regaled us with tales of teaching freshman composition to the inmates of Attica, in the 70s. One of his students was none other than Winston Moseley, the man who killed Kitty Genovese. Who knew?


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