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Friday, December 03, 2004
i don't usually read reviews...
But my Plone book has gotten three decent user comments at Amazon. Typically, I don't read reviews and comments because, well, we've all read instances of nutjob reviews of books on Amazon. Not that I'm comparing my books with works of art that would attract such nutjob reviews, but it's not uncommon to read things like "Julie Meloni's books suck because I [the comment author] couldn't [follow instructions to save my life in order to] make the examples work." Text in brackets mine, of course. I have no problem with crappy reviews like "this book just didn't do it for me and here's why," because I don't write in a techie style and some people, when they buy techie books, want a techie style. That's cool, no problem with that. I do have a problem with "This book didn't cover X, Y and Z, so it sucks" or "I already know A, B and C, so it sucks"—one glance at a table of contents usually will tell you what's in the book, so don't buy it if X,Y,Z aren't covered, or A,B,C are. If you do, and you're disappointed, don't write a bad review, because that's not my problem. I wrote this book, if you want X,Y,Z or don't want A,B,C, write your own damn book.

Not that I have issues with that or anything.

Ok, so anyway, the three reviews at Amazon of the Plone book indicate that at least three people bought the book and understood the niche it was trying to fill, and judged it on its ability to fill that niche. That's cool.


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