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Wednesday, December 01, 2004
i totally narc'd on some old lady
I love my Whole Foods store. I've been going there for years and years and know a lot of the folks by name, we're all very friendly, etc. I go to the store at least three or four times per week (hey, I like fresh things). It's a nice place.

Anyway, last night I went in to pick up something for dinner, and I'm wandering around the cold case and there's this older lady being a wee bit persnickety. She was getting samples of a lot of things, but never bought anything. She was engaging the WF employee in conversations about the berry crepes and the chicken salad and the glazed apricots and what not, and the employee was dutifully answering all of the questions. The lady never bought a thing. She then wandered over to the hot case, where I was getting myself some turkey and rice. She poked me on the arm and started up a conversation...well, more like a "preaching to" because I was just polite and nodded and said things like "how about that," like I was talking to my grandmother.

She went on to tell me about these packages of rice at Trader Joe's [they are a competitor in the higher-end-than-Safeway grocery domain], how they're such and such size and pre-cooked and you just pop them in the microwave and they're really cheap. Oh, and then about these pork loins, that are [blah blah blah]. I finally extracted myself, picked up a bottle of juice and headed to the checkout, whereupon I told the cashier fella, "there's an old lady over there who's either really lonely or is a plant for Trader Joe's."

He didn't look surprised, which makes me think that it's fairly common for Trader Joe's to send people over to WF to strike up conversations with shoppers about TJ items. He dispatched a manager over to have a chat with the woman, to see if "there were any questions he could answer about WF items," and I left in a hurry because although I'm very loyal and protective of my WF, I also fear crazy old ladies.


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