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Friday, December 03, 2004
org change & design group project done, part I...rambling about a paper
The semester is almost over. As in, "I have one more week of classes and then finals." Thank god. Too damn many business courses with idiots in very happy I had a philosophy class and a literature class to balance me out. Three of my four business courses have a "group work" element in them, as you'd imagine. Yesterday, I was able to cross one of those off the list: the paper and accompanying presentation are both DONE.

Tell me if you didn't see this coming: the class is at 7:30am on Tuesday. Julie is still working on both the presentation and the paper at 6:45, also still has to bind the paper (Hooray for Kinko's next to campus! Did you know that anything educational automatically gets a 10% discount, you just have to ask for it? I didn't.) and still has to buy donuts for the class (more on that in a moment). That's right, at midnight on Monday people were still sending in their talking points for their PowerPoint slides.

You may say, and you'd be right, "well, dumbass, don't take on the responsibility and you wouldn't have that stress!" True. But I'd also have an F for the group project because getting some of these people to do anything was like...something really difficult (I've only had a little coffee today, brain not firing yet). The paper was not really a "paper" in the academic sense; the paper consisted of a series of Q & A entries based on the questions at the end of eleven chapters of the Org Change & Design textbook. Each team member had two chapters to do, except me since I was pulling it all together, but I ended up doing probably about three chapters worth of stuff since I took over one chapter from a fella who had serious scheduling issues, and some people just didn't answer all their questions/answered poorly. Enough of that, though. I spent all of last Saturday pulling the paper together, and it was decent enough. I know we'll get an A on it, because I know what the prof was looking for and I made sure that we did that...but I also made sure that it was clear who wrote which parts, because prof was also grading individually...


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