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Friday, December 03, 2004
what to do in the next two weeks
I know I should be terribly stressed about the end of the semester, what with the final papers and the exams, but I'm not. I don't think I've ever been terribly stressed at the ends of semesters (note: I may very well have been a basketcase as an undergrad the first time, but I honestly don't remember it that way.)

This is my next-two-weeks school-related-stuff list:
- Philosophy of Science research paper (1500 words, like that's a problem for me...)
- Int'l & Comparative Business case writeup, other exercise writeup
- Bus Systems and Policy case study (group work)
- Bus Systems and Policy MS Access lab project (group work)
- Mgmnt Issues in High Tech Companies my portion of group paper (group work)
- Mgmnt Issues in High Tech Companies pull together everyone else's written contributions (group work)
- Victorian Lit paper, 12ish pages, which I'll also be using as a writing sample for my MA application...and I'm pretty sure I nailed down a topic finally, thanks to a certain Victorianist who remains nameless. It's a good thing I have a topic, since it's due in six days. :)
- Int'l & Comparative Business final (non-cumulative)
- Mgmnt Issues in High Tech Companies final (non-cumulative)
- Org Change & Design final (cumulative) that can't hurt my grade, only help it (it replaces a previous midterm, if the final grade is higher than the midterm grade). I'm still thinking about doing this one or not. I biffed the first midterm (C-), then got As on the next two. I currently have an A- in the course. If I sit for the final, and get even a C, I'll get an A in the course. Yeah, I'll probably end up taking it. Unless I get really stressed between now and then.
- Bus Systems and Policy final (cumulative)
- Victorian Lit final (non-cumulative, take-home essays)
- Philosophy of Science (cumulative, open book take-home essays)

Oh, and also my job and my teaching. The really funny thing is (to me, at least) is that since I'm not writing a book at this very moment, all this work is a breeze.

I need a hobby.


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