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Friday, January 07, 2005
all starbucks, all the time
No moblogging my daily haunts—someone already did! Not my haunts, per se, more like all the Starbucks in the world [via little.yellow.different], a few of which I do frequent.

Here are most of the SBUX in the SF Bay Area, and these are the ones I go to most often:
- Capitol & McLaughlin - San Jose: my "home" store
- Hamilton Plaza, Campbell: my second-most frequented store, because as you can see in the photo it's next to my Whole Foods store!
- Pavilion Downtown, San Jose: downtown, near the garage I park in to go to school
- Westgate Shopping Center, San Jose: when I'm on the other side of town or at Old Navy or the multi-level Target store.
- W.Santa Clara @ San Pedro Sq, San Jose: sometimes go to, when I'm downtown
- Willow Glen, San Jose: sometimes go to when I forget the hours for Willow Glen Coffee Roasting Co. and find myself in Willow Glen without an open coffeeshop (they're across the street from each other)
- Tully & Quimby - San Jose: the other store near my house, where I sometimes go to just for a change.
- Almaden & Curtner - San Jose: yet another store near my house that I sometimes visit.
- San Felipe & Yerba Buena - San Jose: I go here after a trip to the LDS Family History Center nearby.
- Calaveras & Park Victoria - Milpitas: across the parking lot from my eye doctor
- Warm Springs Plaza - Fremont: across the street from our co-lo facility
- Los Altos: for when I go to the office or am house-sitting

Here are the SBUX in Richmond, VA, and I've been to:
- Carytown: near where I used to live
- Parkside, Glen Allen: near where I used to work, at Capital One in Glen Allen

Here are the SBUX in NoVA and the SBUX in DC, the ones I went to most often were:
- Kingstowne, Alexandria VA: near where I used to live
- Georgetown: near where I used to work

No pictures of SBUX from when I lived in KY, NC or other parts of VA, because there weren't any then or I didn't go because I only got coffee at the place I actually worked (which wasn't a SBUX!).

Fascinating, I know.

UPDATE If I ever did go visit my parents, I'd have to take a trip and spend some time at the closest-to-them SBUX, here.


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