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Friday, January 28, 2005
stupid &#*@$&# GREs
I have to take the test tomorrow. I'm actually reading one of those "cracking the GRE" books right now. Ok, more like skimming it. Not that any of it was new, but because I felt like I should...I didn't the first time and got shitty scores. But that was yeeeeaaaaaaarrrrrrrssss ago, when they were on paper and had no essay portion. Also, I hadn't taken any math classes, except Algebra II in the 9th grade, then "College Algebra" in my 2nd year of college. Except...I scored in almost the same percentile in both verbal and math, so that's REALLY not good for someone who was going to continue on in English. Oops. Guess it's a good thing I didn't.

Like I said previously, I could score even worse than I did 13 years ago and still get in to the program, but I don't want to. I want to at least try a little bit, for myself. Should be interesting. In the last three years I've taken more math courses (4) than I did in college the first time, so I should be covered for all the math stuff. The only thing that would be a bummer is if I score higher in math than in verbal. That would be embarrassing.

Did I ever write about the SATs? I took them in the 8th grade and had no math except Algebra I (which I think my friends' boy is currently doing in the 6th grade, so things sure have changed and/or he's much smarter than I am (probably the latter)). Plus, I was friends with these juniors and they were taking the SATs that day, and one girl was at my table (round table, not the smartest move) and actually had the same test booklet. She really wanted to get into West Virginia (I don't know why, either) but had crappy grades and probably wouldn't have scored very well on the SATs so...I raced through each test section in like 10 minutes and spent the rest of the time tapping out the answers to her. I (we) didn't crack 4 digits (ugh, I know!) but she got into West Virginia and I squeaked into the CTY program and the other program that ended up being my original college experience, so all was well.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I like it that I'll know my raw scores right away, if not the percentiles. Then again, I may not like it, but whatever. I'll be headed for SBUX afterwards, that's for sure.


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