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Thursday, February 24, 2005
who's buying flickr?
Flickr is my online photo management application of choice. I gladly gave them my $41.77 for a pro account, because there's not much about their application, their interface, their community tools, etc that I don't like, or that I would fault. I say "much" because while I can't think of anything right now, I'm sure there has to be something that I find problematic, on a UI or technological level...because I find fault in everything (in my defense, it is part of my job description).

Anyway, there's some kerfuffle about which company is going to by Ludicorp and thus own Flickr—Yahoo or Google? The B2Day blog says that Yahoo did the deal, which would make sense because Google already owns Picasa and made a big upgrade/release a few weeks ago.

I love Google, but I also love Yahoo. For me, this isn't a M$ v Open Source or iPod v [the world] type of dealybob. I don't have internal crises about using one or the other; My Yahoo is my home page, GMail is my non-work mail. I've used Yahoo since it was and Google since it was...well, it's always been the multi-colored logo on a white background, so it's not like I can date it by that... [ha!]

I have an equal number of favorite bloggers who work at Yahoo (ernie, jason) and Google (biz, chris). Yahoo and Google are two of the three companies I'd ever work for (if my current company ever decided to stop existing) in this industry (eBay is the other). So, whichever company decides to buy Flickr, just DON'T SCREW IT UP. That's all I ask.

Meanwhile, perhaps I'll go write any of the useful-ish technology-related posts on my "posts to write" list, in an attempt to regain the tech cred which I think I may have once had. Maybe. Once.


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