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Saturday, March 19, 2005
go catamounts and bison!
I love upsets in the NCAA tourney, especially when they don't adversely affect my picks. While I had picked both Syracuse and Kansas to win their first round games, I was secretly cheering for both the Univ of Vermont and Bucknell Univ—a 13 and a 14, respectively. Vermont winning screwed up my buddy's bracket—she had Syracuse going to the Final Four. OH WELL.

Bucknell winning is awesome because really, who knew Bucknell was even D-I? (I thought they were D-IAA.) Heck, who even knew before last night where Bucknell is located? I do, because it's in the town that everyone mistakes my hometown for—Lewisburg PA. I'm from Lewistown PA, a much much crappier place. Lewisburg is 50 miles west of there, two counties over. I'm sure everyone knows where Bucknell is, now, though...

Here's one example of what it's like to have your best buddy as your boss, because in the middle of the day you can have IM conversations like this:

boss buddy: florida better keep it together or i'm gonna be pissed.
me: no shit.
me: was i the only one who had ncstate?
boss buddy: nope. i did. and iowa st
me: you suck! i should have went with natural disasters over rodents
me: everything else seems to hold true: wolves (pack) over antiquated goldminers, gators over bobcats...oh crap, cowboys don't usually beat lions but for the sake of argument let's say they do. and yeah, cyclones over rodents. damn.
boss buddy: on that cowboys beat lions comment, they do. because they have guns and they shoot them. they're not just guys with interesting hats.
me: yay!
me: did we all pick st. mary's? (highlanders over dogs)
boss buddy: i doubt it. i did. [partner] didn't.
me: huh. i did.
boss buddy: i figured that out when you said "we all" in the previous IM.
me: oh yeah. we all is dumb.
[when Fla got their shit together and pulled ahead]
boss buddy: whoo hoo!
me: whoo AND a hoo!
boss buddy: premature woo-age
[when Ohio tied it]
[it all turned out ok]

I'm thinking this doesn't go on everywhere.


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