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Thursday, March 17, 2005
ncaa tourney picks
I suppose I should say basketball tourney picks...but anyone who doesn't know that it's March Madness time has to be living under a rock/doesn't do sports.

Without further ado, my picks for the respective tourneys:

Men's Final Four: Okla St, Ga Tech, UNC, Duke
Men's Final: Duke over Okla St

Women's Final Four: LSU, UNC, Temple, Stanford
Women's Final: UNC over Stanford

I realize that picking Duke in one tourney and UNC in the other's just not done—especially as a Duke fan, picking UNC in anything is enough to get my membership revoked. But really, as much as I'd like the Duke women to win (or Texas) the UNC women are better than them this year (and there are more of them, as Duke has played the season with just eight people).

On the women's side, Stanford got robbed. I'm not a Stanford women's basketball fan, but I'm a fan of the game and for them to end the season ranked number one and only get a two seed in the tournament (meaning "oh, you're really only the 5th best team") is completely bogus. Perhaps the committee just wanted to avoid the embarrassment of the Harvard drubbing a few years back (as if a 15 knocking off a 2 is better than a 16 knocking off a 1).

Anyway, I'm sure I'll go down in a flaming pile of poo like I do every year, and get beat by the children in my group, which is always embarrasing. Or, when you get beat by the people who pick because they like the team mascot or colors better than others. Shit like that is annoying. Don't people know that bracktology is a science??? (I kid, I kid. It's a crapshoot.)

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