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Saturday, March 12, 2005
the right frame of mind

Today is "try to get into a humanities frame of mind and work on an essay" day. I hopped in my car and headed over the hill to Cafe Pergolesi, to read a book while sitting on an old ratty (comfy) couch in a big old (1886) Victorian house. I really am much more comfortable in Santa Cruz than I am in San Jose. I think it's because with the exception of the Pacific Ocean being right there, it reminds me of all my favorite college towns back east. Cafe Pergolesi has really good mocha chai.

I read there for awhile, then I went to the wharf to see the sea lions that hang out under the pier (see photo). I also saw a group of sea otters hanging out, sleep floating. Very cool. I wish I had my other camera, not just my phone (and I wish it had been sunny out), so the photos would be better. I was going to go to the really great candy store at the end of the pier, but they weren't open yet. So, I headed home. I printed some journal articles—to the printer at work (they were long and I didn't want to use up my ink cartridges). Then I went and picked them up, and swung by the library on the way, to get copies of articles that weren't available online. I struck out miserably, though—we had none of the journals. Oh well. I can write the essay without them, of course, but I wanted to read them anyway. I will some other time.

I think I've successfully put myself into the proper frame of mind, and now I just have to get some work done!


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