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Saturday, April 09, 2005
all the spanish I know, I learned from Sesame Street
via Boing Boing comes a post by a fellow named Mike called "Sesame Street: 25 Of My Favorite Memories" in which we learn:
Sesame Street has made a Pavlov's dog out of me. I can't avoid it. It's part of my subconscious now. I can't go food shopping without having "a loaf of bread, a container of milk, & a stick of butter" repeating in my frigging head. I'll be 85 years old, & permitting that my dentures are strong enough, I'll still bite into a cookie in such a way that it looks like the letter C without even realizing what I'm doing. And if that's my fate, that's good enough for me.
I feel exactly the same way. "A loaf of bread, a container of milk, & a stick of buttah" runs through my head every time I think about making a grocery list. When the answer to a question is "12," I sing the "12" song in my head. When I get up in the morning and feed my fish, I always call to them: "Here fishy fishy fishy" ... and I'm 31 years old!

So, Mike has compiled a list of [his] 25 favorite Sesame Street moments, and I highly recommend reading his post if you want to spend a moment reminiscing about:

#25: I'm Billy Joe Jive: Super Crimefighting Ace! [I don't remember this one]
#24: I don't know why I keep coming to this place. [This is the one where Grover is a waiter and the beady eyes and big blue head guy is giving him a rough time because he's a terrible waiter.]
#23: Let's sing a song of 10. [I prefer the song of 12.]
#22: Wake up, there! What are you staring at? [The wedding of Maria and Luis]
#21: Noo-ne-noo-ne-noo... [The little wheeled typewriter guy.]
#20: Psssst... hey, bud. ["Wanna buy an O?]
#19: You'll be a mother, & I'll be a father... whoopie!!! [Gordon and Susan adopt a kid; after my time.]
#18: Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip, uh-huh, uh-huh! [The Martians! Love the Martians!]
#17: Don't eat the pictures. [Muppets get locked in a museum, oh no!]
#16: I one the sandbox! [YOU EIGHT THE SANDBOX?!? heh.]
#15: There's no better letter. [The Beatles parody band, The Beetles.]
#14: We used to walk to school together. [Guy Smiley/Sneaker tribute.]
#13: I ran out of clay, Bert. [This is one of my faves, where Ernie takes Bert's nose.]
#12: Pinball Number Count. [The song of 12. When I came to it, I started singing the song with the proper inflection, of course (one two three FOUR five, etc) and then imagine my joy when I found the fellow ALSO wrote it properly. It's the little things in life.]
#11: Out of his secret garden somewhere in New Jersey comes your newest favorite super hero! ["It is I, Captain Vegetable, with my carrot and my celery!"]
#10: Do not try to thank me... I live to serve. [SUPER GROVER!]
#9: Heeeeeeere fishy fishy fishy fishy fishy fishy! [Ernie goes fishing.]
#8: This... is NEAR. [My buddy tells me the Barenaked Ladies drummer always acts out Near & Far on stage.]
#7: Ladies & gentlemen... the Teeny Little Super Guy. [He's teeny. He's super.]
#6: You're not singing the alphabet! [Kermit and a girl sing the alphabet, but the girl always says "Cookie Monster" in the middle of it.]
#5: You didn't tap me, did you, statue? [Bert and Ernie go into an ancient pyramid.]
#4: I'm gonna miss you, Mr. Looper. [The show kills off Mr. Hooper.]
#3: Follow That Bird. [A movie I did not see (I was 12 when it came out, so I imagine I was "too old").]
#2: Put Down the Duckie. [A prime-time special in 1988, which I also didn't see.]
#1: Food! Food! [Snuffy is revealed.]

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