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Thursday, April 14, 2005
cubs win! cubs win! cubs win!

The Los Altos Little League single-A Cubbies (the Mighty Mighty Cubbies) are off the schneid, having beaten the dreaded Yankees 16 to 10 in four innings. I wonder if we will ever see the day when a Cubbies game goes the entire six and doesn't get called due to time. Probably not. The boys avenged their 21 to 20 loss to the Yankees earlier in the season, and got both string cheese AND donut holes in celebration.

In this photo, a Cubbie discovers his cup. This is the first age at which the boys wear their cups, and often you will find them knocking on the front of it because heck—it makes noise. Or something like that, I dunno...I'm a girl. One youngster (these kids are 5 and 6, for the most part) expressed concern before the first game, to his mother: "Mom, this makes my penis look funny." Meaning, of course, the large cup-sized bulge in his pants. His mother told him not to worry, because all his teammates would be wearing them as well, so they could look funny together. He accepted that and moved on.

Today I was chatting with the sister of one of the boys, I think she's in the fifth-ish grade. She was talking about her school trip to Washington DC and I asked if she went to all the Smithsonians (because I love them all) and she said yes, and they also went to Jamestown and to Williamsburg and to Monticello (basically, they took the historical tour of Virginia). I said that was so cool (Virginia is my favorite state) and her mom interjected "they also went to the University of Virginia" and I started to say "Did you see..." and the girl said "Edgar Allen Poe's dorm room!" and I said "yes!" and then I took a moment to thank the gods that not only is there at least one sixth grader out there who knows about Poe, but also thinks it's Very Cool to see Poe's dorm room. A glimmer of hope remains for the future!


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