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Monday, May 09, 2005
a different kind of drive-by (but not one with guns)
I've written before about some of the things that happen when you write books and how people call you and offer lovely unsolicited advice and what not (there's sarcasm there). But I've never had someone drop by my place of employment just to chat about "ideas" either in the realm of application development or things I've written in my blog.

But today I heard a tale about someone who did just that, to one of our blogging compatriots. Actually, it wasn't so much of a tale as it was a brief mention in passing, but I'm sitting here at school and blogging to keep myself awake (and I'm not finished with some of my longer posts that I have half-started). At my school, faculty from Philosophy and English (and some other fields, I think) are in the aptly-named Faculty Office building. This means that I walk by Dr. Free-Ride's office all the time when I'm talking to English faculty, but never when she has office hours. I made it a point to go to campus early today, so I could say hi.

She told me that someone completely unaffiliated with the university had stopped by her office to chat about something he had read on [one of her] blogs [she has six. six! I can barely manage one. I think she needs an intervention. :)]. So, for all you who do not blog pseudonymously, this could happen to you too!

Just when I think it's impossible to blur the lines of propriety (and personal space, and real world/online world) any further, something like this happens. Unfortunately, she can't blog about it because duh—dude reads her blog! Maybe she'll tell the tale in the comments section here (hint!)...

UPDATE: the info is in the comments...


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