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Monday, May 23, 2005
i'm a big lazy slob
I did very little this weekend. I took a final, ignored another (it's not due til Tuesday, so no big deal) and did a little work. I haven't yet written Dr. H's trackback post, although it's on today's list if things go well. I have an exam today at 5:15, not worried about it. It'll probably take about 45 minutes. Whoop de damn doo. I was thinking about going to see SWIII afterwards...still haven't done that.

Basically, all I did this weekend was get a minor sunburn (because I'm an idiot) from Saturday morning baseball followed by soccer and then Sunday afternoon soccer. The "big lazy slob" part comes into play because I was just drained each day from sitting on my butt in the sun. Didn't do anything else, yet I came home and just crashed in front of the TV and watched NASCAR and baseball.

Yes, I like NASCAR, so shoot me. For me, it alternates between stressful, hilarious and relaxing. It's a very good way to zone out for a few hours. When I lived in Richmond, I lived only a few miles from the racetrack and always marvelled at how small it looked from the outside but boy does it look large from the blimp shots on TV. Also, I spent a summer working at a camp for blind people in the wilds of North Carolina, which happened to be smack dab in the middle of Earnhardt land. Not that any of that explains why I like NASCAR, but it does show that I've been more exposed to it than your average person-living-in-California.



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