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Monday, May 16, 2005
one down, four to go
Finished a final exam a bit ago, in Negotiations and Conflict Resolution class. It was the one I was dreading the most, because we had absolutely no idea how it was going to be structured or what it was going to cover (ok, he did say "like the midterm" and "everything" but typically you get a little more direction for these things). The second half of the course, we were reading (from his book) but he didn't really lecture on anything or even take questions—we just did an exercise in each class, namely a negotiation of some sort. I'm fine with that, and I did just fine in the course, but I just don't like going into things blindly. I'm a control freak.

Now I have two hours to kill (well, 1.25 now) before the last Business & Society class. Booooring. Nice prof, but this shit is boring. I've learned nothing new. Next week is the final for this class, 75 multiple choice questions. I used to do poorly on objective tests, because I can typically convince myself that a number of the answers are "the best possible one," but I've improved recently because I just stopped caring. I've learned that if I stop caring, I stop thinking so hard, and by not thinking too hard I just go with my first thought (as you're supposed to do). Anyway, I have two finals that are 75 multiple choice questions, both next week.

I'm not at all concerned about my lit finals, as they're both take-home essays and I've read the books. All of them. At the time they were assigned. Crazy talk, I know.

Despite the fact that my paper, due on Wednesday, only has one complete paragraph written in it, I'm not even concerned about that. However, it could be all the theraflu numbing my brain. Still sick. I'm less sick, but still have to sleep sitting up and hydrating myself all night long. Pleh.


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