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Friday, May 27, 2005
quick hits
I still haven't seen SWIII.
Tonight I'm going to play bocce with some school chums...and one prof (British/Irish Fiction and Vict Lit guy).
The Los Altos Little League single-A minors Mighty Mighty Cubbies are on a tear, winning their last three games. I think it's more like a slight rip than a whole tear, but we'll take what we can get.
I got all stoked yesterday because rhubarb finally showed up at Whole Foods. I had been waiting for weeks for it to get there, so I could make Rhonda's cobbler. It was great! I mentioned to my buddy my excitement at getting rhubarb (yes, I lead a boring life) and she said I should tell her mom. Apparently, when my buddy's mom was a kid in Scotland, they used to get rhubarb as a treat. A treat! According to my buddy: "take a paper cone, fill it with sugar and dip a piece of rhubarb in it. it's like poor man's lik-m-aid." Heh. I tried some like that and...damn! that's hardcore tart. I prefer my rhubarb cooked up in sugar until it's significantly de-tartified.
If I lived near Mel, I'd be helping her move today. I'm glad I don't live near her, just this once—it's hot out. But when I did live near her, I didn't help her move, so I feel bad about that. I was raised Catholic. We have lots of guilt.
Every bird in the county comes to my birdfeeder, but the squirrels stopped coming because I moved to crappy (cheap) birdfood. I've also found that birds tend to knock the crappy birdfood out of the feeder more easily than the good food, so I have a sloppier-than-usual patio. The landscapers for the condo community use their leaf-blowers on it every Tuesday, for which I am grateful, but I think I'll just go back to the good food and rely on the squirrels to pick up the fallen food.
Male mallard ducks are mean sons of bitches. They chase the female ducks all over the place and cause a great deal of ruckus. Also, the six wee duckies are almost all grown up. The other mama duck who recently had two ducklings, well...there's only one baby left. Something happened to the other one (I don't know what) and there's only one little fella following her around. Very sad.
I know I haven't Friday-cat-blogged for awhile, but really, my cats haven't done anything besides sit around and watch birds. They're very low maintenance...and low activity.
Tomorrow it's time for my every-56-days bloodletting. I hope I have enough iron in my system.


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