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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Sams Teach Yourself Blogging in a Snap
Look for it in oh I dunno...early September?

"This book serves as a compendium of short lessons designed to get the user started in blogging using the blogging platform from Google: Blogger. The lessons will cover everything from getting started in understanding the concept of blogging, to maintaining your own blog utilizing a custom template, comments, trackbacks, photos, blogrolls and more. Part of maintaining a blog is the understanding the basics of HTML and CSS, so brief primers on these subjects would be included as well.

The ultimate purpose of the book is to provide the reader with easily-digestible, concise lessons for all of the tools and tasks that make up the art of blogging with Blogger. While somewhat linear in design, the reader will be able to—and should want to—refer back to any lesson in the book, at any time, as needed."

I don't know why I used quotation marks, since I wrote that in my own proposal. The proposal that passed the Editorial Board yesterday.

Of course I have a blog for the book, but I haven't templatized it or posted anything yet. I'll put more information there (and tell you the URL) in a few days after I finish up with school for the semester and can take a moment away from work.

The Sams Publishing "in a snap" series is pretty cool. The book I was given as a really good example of the series is Mac OS X Panther in a Snap, although I hear that Mac OS X Tiger in a Snap is pretty good, too.

Anyway, that's that. Mucho thanks to my blogging buddies who reviewed the TOC/proposal for Sams. I'll have you know that my editor made it very clear that you folks were very polite and thorough and professional, like extraordinarily so. I said "of course! that's why I chose them!"


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