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Friday, June 10, 2005
hanging with the pink-haired girl
So, my part of the "I hung out with Profgrrrl" story is this: profgrrrl is neat! But we already knew that. Oh, and she looks exactly like her photo...that is, if you take all the photos she's ever posted and you piece together a full photo of her. The hair is still streaky pink. Truly pink, not magenta or anything like that.

Her characterization of the little town is accurate. My buddy refers to it as "OC North," which is accurate. I liked the town—the actual physical characteristics of a quaint downtown with trees, the lack of sprawl, etc.—and said as much to my pal, who said "sure, if you like white people." I thought about it and realized that indeed, I saw no shade other than white. Oh well. Like profgrrrl said, I don't get to those parts often—it's a town off a freeway that takes me to other places.

Not having a clue where to go for food, I searched on the internets. I'm good with restaurants in the other cities around here, but I figured a girl who had travelled in from Japan the day before wasn't going to want to drive away for food. The internets turned up a result that looked nice, and I figured we'd take our chances. I couldn't get a reservation because I didn't have a clue when we'd be eating. So when we got to the restaurant, we were told it would be an hourlong wait. No worries, because Starbucks was close by! On our way out, the hostess said "Wait! Give me your cell number so I can call you if the other people finish up earlier." (!!!) Wow. That doesn't happen in my town. If you're not there, your table is taken away and you're screwed.

So we went to sbux, walked around a very wee bit and maybe after half an hour or so the hostess called us back in. We were seated in a lovely corner and bread was brought. Now, you all may know that both Profgrrrl and myself are into the whole culinary thing. She has presentation skills as well as cooking skills, whereas I tend toward items that can all fit in a single bowl and don't mess with multiple courses and what not. As such, the upside-down ramekin of dipping oil and spices made quite an impression, in real food geek kind of way. The food was really good and when I got the check it was another indication that I wasn't in my town—it was like half what I expected it to be. I love surprises like that!

Hanging out with profgrrrl was like hanging out with an old buddy. We just talked and talked and talked and I heard all about Asia and the other photos that we haven't even seen yet (see her Flickr photostream for ones already set-ified). We talked about school, blogging, etc. A good time was had by all!


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