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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
books for the fall semester
The campus bookstore finally posted the catalog of books for the fall semester. I was getting anxious because I really wanted to get a jump start on the readings and we're quickly running out of summer. Then again, I've had two of the books since May and it's not like I've cracked either of them. Now that I've ordered all my books I hereby resolve to read a lot of books in August.

As a side note: I wholeheartedly recommend selling used books through either Marketplace or—it's where I get all my books for school, and I'm not the only one. I've bought from both places and sold with both sites, and I've never had a problem in the many years I've been doing it. You won't get rich, but getting $20 for a book you never read and will never use again is more than the $0 it nets you while gathering dust on your bookshelf.

Anyway, here's a list of the books for my classes:
ENGL 201: Materials and Methods of Literary Research
Art of Literary Research // In Search of Authority // Redrawing the Boundaries

ENGL 204: Modern Approaches to Literature
Contexts for Criticism // Falling into Theory

ENGL 254: Genre Studies in American Literature; the course "will focus upon American Fiction's development from the 19th into the 20th centuries, touching upon American Romantics, Realists, Naturalists, Feminists, and Modernists. Economic systems (slavery, women's oppression, whaling, advertising, autos), and their technologies (ships, trains, electricity, telephony, internal combustion engines, film cameras) provide context for and influence upon the American fiction of the period from the Civil War to the Second World War (1860s to 1930s)."
Cane // Daisy Miller // Ethan Frome // A New-England Nun : And Other Stories // Pastures of Heaven // Piazza Tales // Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories // The Sound and the Fury // Uncle Tom's Cabin // Uncle Tom's Children // Winesburg, Ohio

With regards to the AmLit course, if any of you prof-type people have comments about the selected texts given the description of the course, especially if those comments are along the lines of "you should also read [this book] and [that book]," please let me know! Then again, if you have any comments at all about any of the texts here, I'd love to hear those as well.


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