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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
busy busy busy
Despite my lack of blogging over the holiday weekend, I didn't go anywhere. In fact, I was working with Blogger probably more than anyone who actually did post, since—as you can see by the directive I wrote in my organizer—all I was doing was working on my book. On that front, Biz Stone said nice things and I updated the TOC, along with the writing writing writing (and screenshotting). I'm close to having my acquisitions editor kick my ass, but it's moving along and will be back on schedule by the next milestone (which would be in a week, and it's the 75% milestone).

I did take time out for a barbeque, because my buddy's father is the World's Best Grillmaster. Plus, I had to have my butt handed to me in every card game imaginable by a twelve-year-old. We're not talking about Go Fish (which we did play, and I won, but was told that one of the rules my grandmother taught to me not only wasn't a rule, it was cheating) but more like blackjack. We need to get a fake ID for him and take him up to a casino, pronto. I'm sure he could pay for his own college education with his fine blackjack skills.

I also did a full day's work for my real job, as one of our clients launched this little site that's actually one-fourth of his grand plan to take over the world or something like that. I dunno. If you like inspirational Christian music, go get some free tracks. It's remarkable how much non-heathen work I (a heathen) do.

One last thing: I'm teaching a new class at In addition to the Databases & Dynamic Web Design course that I developed (as in "wrote all the lessons and exercises") and teach, I now also teach Writing JavaScript/DHTML. I didn't develop this course, Jason Cranford Teague did; I just do all the student interaction/question answering/grading. I will undoubtedly have many more students in the JS/DHTML course than my server-side course, because the latter is exceptionally long (150+ printed pages) and intense while the former is, uh...less scary. Jason wrote a pretty fun course, so that bodes well.

School starts in six weeks. I'm going on vacation in two weeks (for three days). Where the heck did the summer go?


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