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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
a few helpful Windows utilities
I added two new utilities to my machine in the last few days. Not browser extensions, but actual system utilities. I don't add a lot of crap to my machine, so when I install software of any kind it has to be noteworthy. You may or may not think these are noteworthy utilities, but I do!

This [freeware] utility sticks a date in the Windows tray. I know, I know, I can mouseover the standard system time display and see the entire date, or I can expand my toolbar to see the entire date, but those are more mouse actions. I just want to look over and see the current date. See, I'm lazy and I never know the date. So there you have it: DateInTray. Install the little bugger, stick a shortcut in startup, and the current date is only a sideways glance away. [via little.yellow.different's mini-blog]

The first "C" stands for "crap," as in "the name of this utility is really "Crap Cleaner" and that's just what it does. Like I said before, I keep my machine pretty clean and I run disk cleanup tools all the time so I figured my machine was pretty clean. CCleaner identified 309MB of crap that I could delete, so I did. 309MB! I did set it to identify and remove everything it felt deletion-worthy, but the only things I would have kept were my Firefox cookies (I typically manage them manually) and the ones I keep certainly don't take up more than a few kilobytes, so that 309MB was pretty accurate. This is also a freeware utility. [via lifehacker]

Remember kids, "freeware" doesn't preclude you from kicking a few bucks to the programmers (which I will be doing).


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