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Monday, July 25, 2005
four raccoons just scared the crap out of me
Did I mention I live in the middle of a city? Yes, I have ducks and squirrels and all manner of finches who all hang out on my back patio, as well as frogs who come to visit and a few select neighborhood cats, but I have never seen raccoons. Heck, I used to live in the middle of the woods growing up in Pennsylvania and I don't think I ever saw a raccoon up close (opossums yes, raccoons no).

So it's pitch black outside (it is 4AM after all) and I have the sliding glass door open because I like a cool breeze. I heard a rustling outside and figured the ducks were up and about, gathering seeds dropped from the birdfeeder. I made out the faint outline of something way taller than a duck, so I turned the light on and saw a mama raccoon standing up on her hind legs, about four feet away from me. I quickly slid shut the glass door, because the last thing I wanted was a raccoon vs cat face-off at the the screen door. She scurried right up to the door, as did her three smaller raccoon kids. After the initial shock wore off, I noted they were very, very cute and just looked hungry. The only thing on my patio is a wee bowl of fresh water I keep out for any critters who want it, and seeds dropped from the birdfeeder above—it's not like there's garbage or other food out there. I guess they were just making their rounds, but I hadn't seen them before. I hope they don't wander out into the street.


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