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Tuesday, August 16, 2005
interviewed by WSJ online
I had a lovely chat yesterday with a technology reporter for the Wall Street Journal online, regarding the use of Technorati as a "current events search engine" vs a traditional search engine (Google/Yahoo!/etc). I don't think I said anything too terribly enlightening, but I also don't think I said anything too terribly crazy either —and I'm more concerned about the latter than the former, since our company name would be attached to it and my boss would kick my ass if our only mention [ever] in the WSJ was me spouting off about something in a way that made any of us look foolish. I'm pretty sure I didn't do that.

The reporter (I read her WSJ Online articles and she's no slouch) emailed me the other day, prompted by my comments at the end of this post, and that's pretty much what we discussed. Despite its need for a bazillion more servers to handle the load [or something], and despite the fact that they're back to indexing my tagged posts from this site in a seemingly haphazard fashion if at all, I am far more fond of Technorati than I am Feedster, BlogDigger, IceRocket, etc. Now is not the time to get into the whys and wherefors, because I would have to be fair and balanced and actually formulate my thoughts. Rest assured I do have them.

Anyway, when her article comes out I'll excerpt it or something...unless I look like an idiot in which case you'll have to find it on your own and laugh and point at me from a distance.

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