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Saturday, September 03, 2005
it wasn't a self-imposed hiatus, just the way things go
Bloggers often declare a hiatus when they specifically plan to step away from their blogs for awhile, if for no other reason than they don't want their loyal readers to worry about them—like profgrrrrl did last week. She declared a hiatus and then was back to posting well before I (who declared no such thing) was! I didn't go anywhere, and with the use of my absolutely outstanding Firefox-plugin feedreader (Sage) I kept up with everyone in my corner of the blogosphere. I've bookmarked a lot of things I want to write about, and I want to talk about school (it started last week), and I will get to that.

I didn't go anywhere, I was just working and working and working and working on a few different things at my job. In the six days between blog posts, I think I got a total of ten hours of sleep. Basically it was six days of work minus ten hours for sleep and about ten hours of school-related things. That left no time to blog (or grade any of my students' exercises, oops!). However, my boss and I have really improved our working relationship over the last few years (we don't talk about it though, so it could be that we just both gave up on making it better, which in turn made it better, but whatever) so the working was freakishly not a terrible experience, just a long one. The working/projects aren't over but the people breathing down our necks are off vacationing, so we can regroup. I'm sitting at my co-workers' house right now because they're off to a soccer tourney with their kid and I'm watching the dogs, and when I got here she said "you just gonna watch football all day" [because I love college football and they have a large, hi-def TV] and I said "sure, but from the table with my laptop and the working" and she looked at me and said "it's a three-day weekend. just watch football all day today." What a cool boss. I will still get work done today, but I won't feel so pressured to do so, which makes it all better.

Anyway, so my non-hiatus hiatus...really, what would I have said last week? Sure, I have some techy things to talk about, and school things, but Mr. Badger died on Monday (his family's situation discussed previously), and then a hurricane wipes a city off the map. So yeah, big freaking deal that I was working and not sleeping. In my house. With my food and water. With my electricity and gas. With my friends and family a phone call away.

When I write my posts today, the ones not talking about the wrath of natural disasters or the laundry list of governmental failures [ping says the things I would have said, so go read his post], don't think I'm insensitive or putting my fingers in my ears and running around all "la la la la I can't hear you" because that's not the case. I just wrote a bunch of checks, which is what I'm best at in situations like this.


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